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Announcing My New eBook

By Don George | February 8, 2021

Cherry blossoms in bloom in Kyoto, Japan

Ten months ago, I embarked on an unexpected adventure. When the coronavirus pandemic began to shut the world down, I wrote a very personal essay entitled “Wanderlust in the Time of Coronavirus.” This was my attempt to make sense of the almost incomprehensible changes that were striking at the heart of my life’s passion and practice: travel. We published that essay here, on our Wanderlust blog, on March 18, 2020.

The response from readers was extremely generous and encouraging: In an outpouring of emails, you shared your reflections, artistic creations, travel memories, and survival strategies. Inspired by your reaction, over the ensuing weeks, I continued to share my thoughts on the effect of the pandemic on travel. Then, as restrictions eased, I began to share accounts of close-to-home journeys that I was making. You responded warmly and kindly to all of these, sharing your own memories, perspectives, and adventures.

Your responses meant the world to me and to all of us at GeoEx. Thank you!

As 2020 was drawing to a close and I looked back through these essays and accounts, I was struck by the arc of their journey, and by how they seemed to capture the spiritual pilgrimage of the year. It seemed to me that while all of these pieces were available individually to anyone online, putting them together accorded a momentum and resonance to the collection that enhanced the power of each one and the poignancy of the whole.

I suggested such a compilation to my colleagues at GeoEx, and they lent their wholehearted support—and their design expertise and talents. Our work is now complete, and I am honored and exhilarated to announce the publication of a beautiful new eBook: Wanderlust in the Time of Coronavirus: Dispatches from a Year of Traveling Close to Home.

You are very much a part of this collection. Your engagement and encouragement inspired me to continue to write these pieces. Through some truly dark days, your notes were buoying points of light, illuminating the connections that are at the very heart of travel, and reminding us all that these connections give the journey of life its deepest meaning.

We are now thrilled to share this anthology with you, with our profound gratitude. You can view and download it by clicking on “Request eBook” below.

We offer this humble collection in celebration of the bonds that we share, and that we know will sustain us until we can once again adventure everywhere.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, our heart.

GeoEx Trip Leader Don George on Japan's Inland Sea

Yours in abiding wanderlust,

Don George

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We would love to hear your thoughts about our eBook! Please share your comments and reflections below. Thank you very much!

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