Why Travel to Morocco Now? How Tourism Impacts Recovery
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A Meaningful Journey To Morocco

By GeoEx Staff | December 14, 2023

Morocco Camel Caravan

It has been three months since Morocco experienced its most powerful earthquake in over a century. Much has transpired in the world since then and for some, the Morocco earthquake feels like a distant memory. For Moroccans, however, the work of rebuilding has just begun.  

Tourism in Morocco sustains over 500,000 jobs—roughly 15 percent of the workforce—and one of the best ways to support this dynamic country as it recovers from the quake is to travel there.

Why Morocco Now?

Morocco Berber Woman with Pack Mule

The area most affected by the earthquake is home to a large portion of the country’s Berber population, talented artisans who use ancient techniques to craft much of the country’s vibrant handicrafts and textiles. Getting these artisans back into their homes, where they can craft and sell their wares, not only sustains their livelihood but plays a critical role in the country’s health. 

How to Help Today?

Education for All Morocco group

In addition to continuing to travel to Morocco, you can make an immediate, positive impact by donating to Education for All Morocco, a non-profit organization that provides teenage girls housing near secondary schools so that they can continue their education while away from their home villages. These dormitories, nestled in the High Atlas Mountains, were greatly affected by the earthquake.

Why Morocco Always?

We have long been bewitched by Morocco’s dynamic composition—its Saharan landscapes and bustling souks, its Arabic, Berber, and French cultures that blend to perfection in its singular cuisine and alluring architecture.


Now more than ever, we encourage travel to Morocco. Now more than ever, our journeys there matter. Connect with a GeoEx Expert to learn more. 

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