Himalayan Kingdoms

An exploration of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan

  • See landscapes that have inspired epic adventures and travel tales—books by Jan Morris, Galen Rowell, and Heinrich Harrer, to name a few
  • Lhasa’s massive Potala Palace, the world-famous Kathmandu Valley, and Bhutan's inspiring dzong
  • The most luxurious accommodations available in these rugged, remote locations
Bhutan Himalaya
Trip Type: Scheduled Departure & Sample Itinerary
Trip Length: 15 Days
Activity type(s): Cultural Tour, Day Hiking
Trip Extensions: Angkor Extension
Laos Extension

Tucked in the high eastern Himalaya lie Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Explorers like Csoma de Koros, Sven Hedin, and George Mallory each managed to land in one of these far-off places, but none could claim all three. This unusual 15-day journey offers the chance to do just that—with a level of style and comfort completely foreign to those early adventurers.

We rendezvous in Beijing before soaring over the stunning Tibetan Plateau to Lhasa. Here we’re dazzled by ancient holy sites including the massive Potala Palace and riveted by the well-worn lanes of the colorful Barkhor. We then fly on to Nepal to explore the medieval and modern treasures of the Kathmandu Valley, an area so rich in history and architecture that the entire valley has earned the status of World Heritage Site. Another breathtaking flight whisks us to the hidden Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan for five wonderful days, during which we hike to the incomparable Tiger’s Nest, visit local artisans, and soak up the peaceful ambience in masterfully built dzong. After experiencing these three mystical Himalayan kingdoms, we’ll appreciate anew why hero-explorers dreamed of reaching them all.


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Himalayan Kingdoms trek map

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive in Beijing
  • Day 2: fly to Lhasa
  • Days 3–5: Lhasa
  • Day 6: fly to Kathmandu
  • Days 7 & 8: Kathmandu
  • Day 9: fly to Paro, drive to Thimphu
  • Day 10: Thimphu
  • Day 11: drive to Punakha
  • Day 12: Punakha
  • Day 13: drive to Paro
  • Day 14: Paro
  • Day 15: depart Bhutan.