Galápagos Family Voyage

Wildlife encounters and island frolicking

  • Commune with giant tortoises, frisky sea lions, and a host of other curious creatures
  • A family-friendly cruise, with kayaking, snorkeling, and evening activities on board
  • Outings and talks with top-notch naturalist guides, attuned to youngsters
Galapagos with GeoEx
Trip Type: Scheduled Departure
Trip Length: 7, 9 or 10 Days
Activity type(s): Cruises, Cultural Tour, Kayaking, Day Hiking
Trip Extensions: Ecuador Extensions
Machu Picchu & the Urubamba

With so much to see and do in the Galápagos, these islands thrill and astonish people of all ages. On our Galápagos Family Voyage, conveniently timed with school vacation, we cruise from island to island aboard a comfortable, small or mid-size ship, meeting the archipelago’s varied, colorful, and bewitching residents. Highly trained naturalists, zeroed-in on the customs and interests of young visitors, are there to translate between species and guide us in just the right level of land and water exploration. And though much is to be learned, about ecology and evolution and all that, this Galápagos cruise is above all great fun.

After overnighting in Guayaquil on mainland Ecuador, we fly to the Galápagos, settle into our floating hotel, and enjoy the first of many evenings filled with unparalleled stargazing, interactive family activities, naturalist-led talks, and engaging games for kids—making it easy for the youngsters on board to meet. We spend our days kayaking among the world’s most northerly penguins, hiking among lava lizards and volcanic formations, snorkeling with merrily circling sea lions, and swimming from wonderfully lonely beaches. All this adds up to a classically refreshing and joyous family vacation.


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Private Journeys in the Galapagos

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Please note: We also have 7- and 9-day trips; ask for details. Itineraries vary according to season and national park regulations.

  • Day 1:
    arrive in Guayaquil
  • Day 2: fly to Galápagos, board ship
  • Days 3–8: cruise island to island with swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife viewing; naturalist-led briefings geared to guests of all ages; fun onboard activities, such as cooking class, dancing, and stargazing
  • Day 9: fly to Guayaquil
  • Day 10: fly home.