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Top Nine GeoEx Instagram Posts of 2019

By Alysa Pakkidis | February 14, 2020

Travel has the ability to transform and inspire. With Instagram, it’s easier than ever to share travel experiences and stories, while inspiring others to explore more. Taking a look back, we’ve rounded up our top posts and moments of 2019, showcasing places we love from our staff, GeoEx travelers, and some of our favorite travel photographers.

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Avenue of the Baobabs

Photo by Alyne Tamir

There’s no place like it. Aptly named the Eighth Continent, Madagascar is a magical safari destination where over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth—including its 100 plus species of lemurs! With our expert guides and luxury lodgings, ⁣⁣GeoEx customizable journeys will take you on one of the most unique adventures of your life.

Prayer Flags at Leh Palace

Prayer flags in Leh, India.
Photo by GeoEx Team Member Sam Hyatt

Tucked in the mountainous Ladakh region, the Leh Palace is known for its significance to Buddhist culture. Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, the palace is an archeological and historical monument.

Strolling through Viñales, Cuba

Women walking through small town in Viñales Valley, Cuba.
Photo by GeoEx Guest Miguel

With our all-women Cuba journey, you get the female perspective on the country’s deep history, thriving arts, and regional cuisine. ⁣⁣

Making New Friends on a Group Trip

GeoEx travelers on group trip in Chad.
Taken on a GeoEx Chad Group Trip

Making new friends is just one of the many perks of joining a small group trip. We take care of all the research, logistics, and daily activities. All you need to do is show up and make life-long memories!

Street Scenes of Iran

Taken on a GeoEx Trip in Iran

Celebrated for its cultural riches, ornate architecture, and magnificent ruins, Iran continues to be one of our favorite destinations as the people are among some of the most open-heartened and welcoming we’ve ever met.

The Black Panther

Rare black leopard captured at Laikipia Wilderness Camp
Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas

With the aid of a camera trap, the elusive, African black leopard was captured in the wild at Laikipia Wilderness Camp.

Samburu Dancing

Samburu warriors dancing in golden light, Kenya.
Photo by GeoEx Guide Lee Fuller

Dressed in brightly colored shukas, the semi-nomadic Samburu people dance in the golden light near the fabled Mathews Mountain range of northern Kenya.

Mesmerized by Jaipur

Video by GeoEx Team Member Jessica Silber

We’re in awe: entering the City Palace in Jaipur, India.


Taken on a GeoEx Antarctica Trip

Catch a glimpse of penguins, icebergs, and possibly whales on a classic GeoEx Antarctica Peninsula cruise.

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Alysa Pakkidis curates GeoEx’s social channels, sharing moments from guests and staff, travel inspirations, transformations, and travel-related news. Her relentless passion for travel and discovery has brought her to many stretches of the world with Pakistan being her latest adventure.

To start planning your adventure to any of GeoEx’s far-flung locales, give us a call at 888-570-7108.

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