The Silk Road: A Journey Through Time

  • A grand tale of civilizations and places tied together through cultural history
  • Skirt fierce deserts, traverse heavenly mountain passes, and cross rare borders
  • Meet with potters and weavers, and have meals with locals in their homes
Children in Kashgar, China by GeoEx
Trip Type: Scheduled Departure
Trip Length: 20 Days
Activity type(s): Cultural Tour
Trip Extensions: Call 888-570-7108 for custom extension options

The Silk Road: A Journey through Time ties together whole passels of civilizations, epochs, and sceneries. And it tells the grand tale of one of humankind’s most important arteries of trade and culture. Anchored at its ends by Xian and Tashkent, capital of what used to be Soviet Central Asia, this adventure traverses the heart of Asia, following one of the Silk Road’s major branches and linking the most resonant and fantastic place names along the way. It skirts deserts, lopes over great mountains, and crosses rare borders (the Sino-Kyrgyz frontier at 12,300-foot Turugart Pass).

After taking a special ground-level look at the Terracotta Warriors, we move on to, among much else: Dunhuang’s Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, a bastion of Greco-Buddhist art; Urumchi, the most landlocked place on earth; Kashgar, home to Central Asia’s largest bazaar; the still-little-visited Kyrgyz Republic; and magnificent Samarkand and Bukhara. Interwoven throughout are visits with potters and weavers, meals in local homes, and other personal interactions that bring these fabled places fully to life.


The September departure
is guaranteed.

Silk Road tour map

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive Xian, China
  • Days 2 & 3: Xian, with Terracotta Warriors
  • Day 4: fly to Dunhuang
  • Day 5: Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, Singing Sands
  • Day 6: Dunhuang Caves, fly to Urumchi
  • Day 7: Xinjiang Museum
  • Day 8: fly to Kashgar, explore
  • Day 9: Kashgar Sunday Bazaar
  • Day 10: Turugart Pass into Kyrgyzstan
  • Day 11: on to Bishkek via Issyk Kul Lake
  • Day 12: Ala Archa Gorge, explore Bishkek
  • Day 13: Bishkek, fly to Uzbekistan
  • Day 14: Tashkent, fly to Bukhara
  • Days 15 & 16: Bukhara exploring
  • Day 17: Bukhara, on to Samarkand
  • Day 18: discover Samarkand
  • Day 19: return to Tashkent
  • Day 20: depart.