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After 40 years of shaping family adventures for our guests (and enjoying our own family travel moments), we appreciate how valuable a journey together can be and have family trip building down to an art. There’s nothing like exploring exotic places as a family—sharing unusual sights, forging new trails as a team, and taking the time to relax and have fun together. That’s why GeoEx takes great care in designing trips—cultural tours to safaris—for every kind of family group, from grandparents and grandkids to parents and teens to 20-person, multigenerational reunions.

Destination Knowledge & Experience

Traveling in far-flung places is exciting and rewarding, but it’s challenging and time consuming to figure out the details of a fun, enriching family trip—especially when reliable information and contacts are hard to come by, and the best experiences are often not listed. That’s where GeoEx comes in. We know our destinations inside and out, collaborate with exceptional in-country colleagues, and have decades of experience choreographing seamless family journeys. Working with GeoEx saves you time, headaches, and missteps along the winding, bumpy road of adventure travel.

“Hours and hours of research time have been saved by having someone to work with who knows the region inside and out. And the GeoEx experts can offer tips and suggestions!”–Christy B.

Trips tailored to Your Family

Every family—and family member—is unique, so our first step is getting to know you. We spend time learning about your family and discussing the myriad travel considerations for your adventure, helping you select the right destination and itinerary. You can count on having a frank conversation in which we’ll address your clan’s differing interests, needs, and abilities—from food preferences and creature comforts to time alone for adults—and find creative ways to tend to them all.

Orchestrating Family Celebrations

These days the best gifts are experiences, and for many GeoEx travelers, family trips have become the trip of a lifetime. Whether you’d like to treat your family to travel for a landmark birthday, anniversary, family reunion, or even wedding, we can arrange a trip certain to produce long-lasting memories.

“The trip had the perfect combination of restful luxury, kid fun, and educational adventure. It was one of the best trips our family has ever taken.” –Carol S.

Door-to-Door Service & Safety

From our first conversation to your return home, we and our comprehensive safety net are there for you, discussing the ins and outs of your trip at any and all times, arranging complex flight routings, and stepping in if things go awry. We handle details large and small so all you need to do is soak up every moment of your family adventure.

Considerations for Family Travel

Engaging Activities for All
It’s important to line up experience that kids learn from while still having fun and that adults appreciate as well. GeoEx is adept at tending to varied interests and abilities, with both shared moments and time apart for grown-ups.

Family-Friendly Accommodations & Meals
Being well rested and well fed makes all the difference when you’re traveling with kids. Our experts have sleuthed out excellent family-friendly hotels with such features as interconnecting rooms and outdoor space, as well as dining choices that cater to the range of palates.

The Right Pace
Connecting and relaxing together is tough if you’re moving at a rapid-fire pace. GeoEx schedules three-night stays in one locale whenever possible, limits transit times, and lines up a manageable number of activities for each day.

Your Schedule & Flexibility
Since finding travel dates that work for your family is challenging, we plan around your schedule. WE also build in flexible activity options, so that you can, for example, join youngsters on a rain-forest hike or opt for a quiet cultural excursion.

Safety: Ready for the Unexpected
Adventure travel, especially with families, demands a strong safety net. Should something go off track during your trip, GeoEx and our comprehensive risk-management program is there to back you up.

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