Top Mountain Trekking Destinations in Nepal, Himalayas & More

Top Trekking Destinations


Since our very first treks, GeoEx has continued to pioneer exhilarating routes to some of the most beautiful views on the planet, from Tibet and Mongolia to Peru and Patagonia. We invite you to explore our favorite—but certainly not our only—trekking destinations.


Lands of lore and legend, Tibet and Nepal are synonymous with mountain mystery and high-altitude adventure. In this majestic realm, impossibly high peaks, plunging gorges, ice citadels, and vast, thin-air deserts reign supreme. Complementing the blissful scenery are Nepal and Tibet’s proud people and cultural treasures, from the Jokhang Temple and World Heritage Site-status Kathmandu Valley.

GeoEx treks explore their scenic and cultural wonders, focusing on the most beautiful, less-traveled routes, including the recently opened Tsum Valley. Our experts help figure out the right adventure for you, whether it’s a group trip or a custom trek, and are happy to tie it in with time in the gateway cities of Beijing and Bangkok, or other special spots from Cambodia to Myanmar.

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On the eastern edge of the Himalaya is the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, a surprising nation of outstanding people, vibrant culture, and scenery that ranges from subtropical lowlands to snow-clad highlands. GeoEx treks weave past roaring rivers, across deep valleys, and through luxuriant forests, where Hanuman monkeys play and endangered black-necked cranes winter.

Whether you hike toward 24,035-foot Chomolhari, among central Bhutan’s pristine vales and peaceful temples, or something else altogether, a trek in the Land of the Thunder Dragon is deeply satisfying—as are the possible pre- and post-trek excursions, from architecturally rich Angkor Wat to beach-blessed Thailand.

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Home to some of the world’s most startling mountains, Peru offers trekking that is said by many to rival that of the Himalaya. Ranges such as the Cordillera Blanca, which holds the country’s highest peak (22,205-foot Huáscarán Sur), draw hikers and mountaineers the world over. And the warm-hearted people and diverse wildlife, including alpacas, foxes, and Andean condors, only enhance the experience.

Our Peruvian treks (most of which are customizable) cross through dense jungle, dive down river gorges, climb up over 16,000-foot passes, and come across Andean villages and Incan ruins. To make the journey even better, we recommend adding time to explore further, from Lima to the Amazon, and Galápagos Islands.

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Other Trekking Destinations & Beyond

Treks in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Peru are just a start. Our expedition enthusiasts are also well versed in other parts of the world that call trekkers—places like Pakistan, Mongolia, and Patagonia—and will happily arrange tailor-made adventures.

Just share your travel dreams with us and we’ll line up a once-in-a-lifetime journey, whether it’s a trek, a day hiking trip, or other kind of adventure to our wide range of astonishing destinations.

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