lifetime journeys to the bottom of the planet

Remote and rugged Antarctica, with its monumental and otherworldly scenery, is beautiful in a way that staggers the mind. Perhaps equally astonishing is the dazzling array of wildlife—leopard seals, orcas, seabirds and more—that inhabits this seemingly barren landscape of glaciers and ice-bound ridges. We sail south on comfortable ships, weave through sea-mountain passages, and Zodiac ashore to hike, photograph, take in the triumphant wildlife, and even camp or ski.

An Explorer's Antarctica

  • Stand amid thousands of penguins
  • Many landings & Zodiac excursions
  • Set foot on the South Pole
  • Stunning frozen vistas, land & sea
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The South Pole & Emperor Penguins

  • Explore Antarctica’s interior by plane
  • Ice sculptures & emperor penguins
  • Stay at luxury, eco-friendly camp
  • 7–10 days, with South Africa options
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Fly & Cruise Antarctica

  • Polar experience in just 8 or 10 days
  • Opt to skip Drake Passage
  • Join a ship already en route
  • Visit huge penguin rookeries
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