A land of dunes, cliffs, and forests

Pacific and friendly, Oman is still little known to American travelers. We’ve set out to correct this oversight by venturing into its nooks and crannies. Travelers are consistently raving about our guides who understand the region’s diversity of landscapes—stunning vegetation, paradisaical oases, enchanting towns, and shifting desert sands—and of people, from boisterous, bidding Bedouins to tranquil, dhow-building fisherman. And so we craft insightful, well-balanced journeys with bustling markets and stargazing evenings.

Oman with GeoEx

We could visit the old pirate ports of the Arabian Sea; the cliff-top villages and forested mountains; or the set-piece, date-palmed oases fringed with mammoth dunes. We might partake in wildlife excursions in search of rare desert oryx, gazelles, and wild camels, and remote fishing villages and superb white beaches. We can create one-of-a-kind adventures to Oman based on your individual sense of wanderlust. These artisan trips are the best use of our travel expertise and our access to an extensive, vetted on-the-ground network.

Sample Itinerary

Unexpected Oman

  • Sensational Islamic architecture
  • Date-palm walks & starlit deserts
  • Centuries-old souks & cattle auctions
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