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Laura Hoffacker

Director for Premier Access, Laura Hoffacker

Director, Premier Access

Growing up on a small island off the coast of Georgia taught Laura to appreciate conservation and the value of eco-tourism. It also inspired an insatiable curiosity for far-off places.

Her first independent adventure led her to Patagonia, where she met with conservationists and hiked, experiencing firsthand some of the thrills and deep value of true wilderness. Since that trip, her vivacious appetite has led her to explore the rain forests and islands in Central America off the coast of Panama, cycle 1,000 miles up the jagged coast of Vietnam, and marvel at herds of elephants in Botswana.

Laura is passionate about our planet and people. She embraces the unexpected and loves creating beyond-the-ordinary experiences. She has organized private studio visits with legendary Japanese potters, a surprise family reunion in southern Africa, and parties celebrating longtime friends in India. She uses her sharp eye for detail, passion for design, and obsession with logistics to make extraordinary journeys a reality for GeoEx travelers.

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