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Kim Anderson

Director for Global Sales, Kim Anderson, Antarctica, with GeoEx

Director, Global Sales

As a child, Kim was interested in space travel. She and her brother made model rockets and studied the planets. So, it’s no surprise that Antarctica and the Arctic are some of her favorite places to be and to send travelers-those icy edges of the earth that feel otherworldly.

Kim’s career in travel has taken her all over the world, first as a flight attendant (she estimates she’s been to Japan at least 700 times) and now as an adventure travel specialist at GeoEx. Her vault of travel stories spans the globe as well, from Russia to Chile and the Galápagos to Thailand, but one memory that particularly stands out to her is the Polar Plunge. On her recent cruise to Antarctica, she and a few other hardy travelers lined up in swimsuits and bravely jumped into the icy waters. “It was exhilarating, invigorating, and, yes, a little crazy,” she admits. “It was an amazing bonding experience with the others on the expedition.”

Her favorite part of working at GeoEx is meeting kindred spirits. When she speaks with GeoEx travelers about their next journey-whether to the Polar regions, Myanmar (where she discovered the wonders of an Irrawaddy River cruise), Costa Rica, Bhutan (where she hiked to the Tigers’ Nest, met Bhutanese dignitaries, and went “glamping” on a special anniversary trip), or beyond-it excites her to feel their curiosity and sense of adventure. She loves to learn about them and their travel styles, gauge their comfort zones, and arrange trips that fulfill their dreams.

Even after decades of traveling, Kim is still game to go just about anywhere. And with her personal motto, “travel with an open heart and a small suitcase,” we don’t think she could go wrong.

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