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Corinne Edwards

Director for Global Sales, Corrine Edwards, in Red Fort Agra, India, with GeoEx

Director, Global Sales

Corinne is a strong believer in the power of firsthand experience. To her, seeing is believing. Spending time in foreign places leads to a better understanding of things that feel different, engenders compassion for other people, and expands perspectives on ways of living, the meaning of happiness, and faith. When it comes to travel, her motto has been “the more foreign, the better.”

She has explored more than 20 countries so far, from Western Europe and Latin America to Southeast Asia and the ancient Silk Road. Her desire to get out of her comfort zone has taken her to lesser-visited countries like Uzbekistan and Malaysia and to off-the-radar corners in such places as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Vietnam. “My trip to Iran was one of my most memorable,” she says. “It’s often portrayed in the US as a dangerous destination, but I found the Iranian people incredibly warm and welcoming.”

It’s no wonder that she finds her work arranging adventure travel for others to be endlessly rewarding. She loves helping to immerse GeoEx travelers in different cultures, as well as to share with them the planet’s incredible natural environments. She has trekked in Ecuador, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, New Zealand, and Nepal (“trekking to Everest Base Camp was a dream come true”), and is especially excited to line up exhilarating expeditions for our guests, whether they are first-time trekkers or more experienced mountaineers.

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