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An intriguing mix of ancient and modern, profoundly Buddhist, Thailand politely boasts of some of the world’s most gorgeous national parks and beaches, enchanting architectural masterpieces, serene river cruises and superb hotels. We take in Thailand’s glories, from Bangkok, a swirling bustle graced by extravagant temples, to the World Heritage Site of Sukhothai, from Chiang Mai’s night market to the storied Mekong. We visit isolated hill tribe villages and savor deliciously spiced cuisine.

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“In Thailand, one’s senses are frequently at risk of being pleasantly overwhelmed,” wrote Theo Cruz. “The finest antidote is to move on—to another temple, another town, another village—where one may be overwhelmed again, but in a way that is entirely different.” Our travelers might take in Thailand’s glories, both classic and contemporary. One custom journey might explore Bangkok, sampling the various shops and world-famous massages, whether en route to another destination or as a hiatus of its very own. Another might drift serenely downstream aboard a Mekong River cruise outfitted with all the creature comforts of an exclusive hotel. You may choose one of the sample itineraries below or go completely off the menu—a conveniently reminder to take a cooking class along the way. What options tempt you?

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