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Dazzling islands to highlands, rain forest weaving through a pulsing capital (with the birdlife to prove it), and indigenous peoples governing areas freely—these are some of the many reasons to visit Panama beyond the masterfully engineered waterway that makes the country famous.

We’ve always been enamored with the culture of Panama City—its salsa music for one, that constant backbeat to the old cosmopolitan rhythm that mingles with the edgier side of the metropolis. But there’s also rapid change to note, like Central America’s first subway system, the Panama Canal’s expansion, and the loving preservation of fortified Casco Viejo.

With a city skyline likened to Miami’s, it’s surprising to find that this tiny nation boasts the largest rain forest in the Western Hemisphere—barring the Amazon Basin, of course. A foray into Darién National Park, spanning the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, reveals rocky coastline to far-reaching swampland and sandy beaches. Such sights have us contemplating how the majority of the country has remained undeveloped. The less inhabited islands and archipelagos that pepper Panama’s interior and surround the isthmus make much of the country protected park land and jungly home to so much endemic wildlife.

What Interests You?

A trip to Panama can take on so many flavors. Perhaps you’d like an active coastal adventure windsurfing, bike riding, or diving along Bocas del Toro, one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean. Perhaps choose a kayaking excursion right on the country’s namesake canal, keeping watch for spider monkeys. You could meander the mangroves on the Pacific in search of the endangered harpy eagle in its tropical rain-forest refuge, Alto Charges. Or if you’re better suited to a downtempo rhythm, go highland coffee tasting or meet the Guna people of the San Blas archipelago, known for their intricate embroidery called molas. Maybe you'll spend an afternoon swimming in the turquoise waters that wash upon the quiet beaches of the Pearl Islands. We will design your adventure in Panama based on your individual interests—handcrafted journeys like these make the most of our travel expertise and in-country network.

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