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The options for tailor-made journeys in the Middle East range far afield, beyond the sample itineraries you see for Iran and Egypt. Our Middle East mavens are at the ready to choreograph a well-rounded, expertly guided journey perfectly suited to your curiosities and preferences. Below are a few ideas to get you started; call us to find out more.

Israel & Palestinian Territories

Israel has been a fulcrum of Western history almost as long as there has been such a thing as Western history. We'll weave together visits to Israel's classic and hallowed sites, with time in Jerusalem, a pleasant walk in Jericho, the Mediterranean port of Haifa, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Akko, and on and on. We can also arrange for insightful sojourns into the Palestinian Territories, dallying in the West Bank cities of Hebron, Nablus, and Ramallah, vibrant cultural capital of the Territories. We think a measured look at the entire region can provide a comprehensive perspective of its past and present, and perhaps, its future.


Get ready to journey through Jordan's stunning spectrum of marvels. There's the great city of Petra, of course, carved from living stone, but the country offers much more to the curious traveler. You can revel in stays at desert camps in the epic Wadi Rum, with real Bedouin tents of goat hair, meals roasted over desert sand, and horse and camelback (or jeep) safaris into the limitless wilderness. You may opt to go snorkeling and sailing in Aqaba and enjoy beautifully guided strolls in the wondrous Roman ruins at Pella and Jerash. And what Jordan adventure would be complete without sea-salt mud baths and a good float at a Dead Sea resort?


Pacific and friendly, Oman is still little known to American travelers. We'll help you venture into its nooks and crannies, discovering its diversity of landscapes—stunning vegetation, paradisaical oases, enchanting towns, and shifting desert sands—and of people, from boisterous, bidding Bedouins to tranquil, dhow-building fisherman. You may visit the old pirate ports of the Arabian Sea, the cliff-top villages and forested mountains, and the date-palmed oases fringed with mammoth dunes. Or you may opt to partake in wildlife excursions in search of rare desert oryx, gazelles, and wild camels, and relax at remote fishing villages and superb white beaches. See our Unexpected Oman sample itinerary >

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the country known for its oceans of oil and where Islam originated, is a prominent, hugely fascinating land. We'll introduce you to its massive, intriguing contrasts during a comprehensive visit from its deserts to mountains and from its skyscrapers to goatskin tents. You may wish to wander through the bustling commercial capital of Jeddah, the tombs of Meda'in Salah (a proud rival of Petra), the ruins of Dawmat al Jandal, and the glass-sheathed towers of Riyadh, rising from the sands in optimistic thrust. It's a great destination on its own or as a stop en route to another journey.

United Arab Emirates

Then there's the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates (each ruled by an absolute monarch) tucked at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. Its culture is an interesting mix of Persia, India, and East Africa. Dubai is its largest city, an imagination-beggaring place which has seemingly overnight become an enthralling, madly optimistic (perhaps overly so) metropolis. Perhaps you'd like to stop through and take in its almost unbelievable energy en route home from such places as Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and other spots.

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