Central Africa Custom Travel

The options for tailor-made journeys in central Africa are vast and varied, going far beyond the sample itineraries you see for the Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our Africa aficionados are at the ready to choreograph a well-rounded, expertly guided journey perfectly suited to your curiosities and preferences. Below are a few ideas to get you started; call us to find out more.


Tourism amenities are still limited in Cameroon, while roads are comparatively better developed. The sum makes for excellent off-the-beaten-track experiences. Imagine parties with French-speaking local communities on white-sand beaches or hiking near “killer lake” Nyos, a volcanic magma-bottomed body. Always, makossa rhythms set an upbeat tone and delicious fried plantain makes its way into most meals. Four cultural areas, in which 250 languages are spoken, are characterized by the landscapes people inhabit: rain forest, ocean, grass field, and the savannah. As you make new friends, our local experts reveal the intricacies of this magical mélange.

Central African Republic

A country very few tourists ever visit, the Central African Republic is where the desert meets the tropics and where rolling plains meet misty jungles. Hiking to rain-forest waterfalls and comfortable stays in GeoEx vetted lodges take you tracking the western lowland gorilla, the gargantuan forest elephant, and the elusive bongo. Nighttime boat outings reveal nocturnal critters like bush babies and the hammer-headed bat. In contrast, the capital, Bangui, hosts French colonial influence at its best—even the baguette is easily procured. Then there’s the bustling markets, where openhearted tribespeople come to share their goods and socialize.


With inland mountains rising from coastal lowlands, much of the country is rain-forested Ogooué River basin, making Gabon largely undiscovered. It is one of the more travel-friendly places in the region. Still, with a general lack of infrastructure, the country remains tough to navigate without expert guides. The French influence is clear in the coastal hubs, Libreville and Port-Gentil, and palm-fringed white-sand beaches make for superb relaxing. Inland adventures take you for incredible wildlife expeditions among the many protected areas like Lopé National Park, whose UNESCO World Heritage-listed landscape is home to the mandrill, forest buffalo, leopard, and black colobus.

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