Mike Parker

Mike Parker, Managing Director for Affinity Travel, in the field with GeoEx.

Managing Director for Affinity Travel

Mike Parker’s exposure to travel began at an early age. At 14 he spent a restless, wide-eyed summer getting into trouble with a group of local teenagers in northwest Spain. His first job out of college involved living in a bus and writing about his adventures, and by 25 he had visited 49 states and all seven continents. After stints as a writer and editor in Buenos Aires and Brooklyn, and a few months rambling around the American West in a Volkswagen camper, he returned to the Bay Area to continue his career in travel.

As our Managing Director for Affinity Travel, Mike enjoys the challenge of designing trips to suit the unique interests, strengths, and goals of each organization. During his time at GeoEx, he has worked closely with a wide range of organizations, including National Geographic, the Nature Conservancy, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and Tibet House. He has helped develop a behind-the-scenes look at China’s contemporary art scene for some of New York’s leading art patrons; orchestrated a trekking expedition in Yunnan for one of the world’s largest conservation organizations; put together a scouting trip to remote archaeological sites in the jungles of Guatemala; and organized countless trips to Tibet and Bhutan accompanied by leading mountaineers, photographers, and academics. He looks forward to helping you craft your next adventure.

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