Jennine Cohen

Managing Director, Global Sales

Jennine has been traveling to Latin America for over a decade, and returns several times a year to develop her knowledge. “There’s so much to discover,” she says, “so many ways to delve deeper.” To get her guests deeper Jennine seeks out exceptional insider experiences and how to seamlessly connect remote regions. She keeps an eye on conservation, tracking emerging eco-lodges and serving on the board of directors for the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA). She has an extensive network of experts and relationships that make the magic happen. She also serves on the Transformational Travel Advisory board, so you can count on your trip feeling anything but ordinary.

Jennine’s secret weapon to planning a great trip? She weaves together her experience as both a life coach and travel designer to listen deeply and ask the kinds of questions of her travelers that help them get clear and think big. “I love really getting to know our guests’ and what’s meaningful for them, and then make their dreams come true” Jennine explains. She's lined up curator tours at Salta's archaeology museum, meetings with journalists in Havana, walks with a Gabriel García Márquez expert in Cartagena, adventures across the salt pans of Bolivia, a shaman ceremony at Tikal, private dinners at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Quito, a hands-on lesson with a famous percussionist in Salvador, and multigenerational trips in Peru with activity options that excited the kids as well as the grandparents.

Jennine appreciates the balance many guests seek on a trip of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and she excels at combining the two for her travelers. She’s arranged for mountain hikes to be followed by vineyard wine tastings in Argentina, bike rides along Ipanema’s beach before a chef-led cooking class in Brazil, and conversations with coffee farmers before river rafting in Colombia.


“Huge thanks and appreciation to Jennine Cohen, who thoughtfully planned and ensured that our trip would be just perfect for our family. She did not miss a thing.” – Carol S.

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