Vassi Koutsaftis: Best Cultural Guide, Top Travel Specialist

Vassi is one of our best loved and most experienced leaders. He has represented GeoEx's Tibet expertise for quite awhile on the Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists list and recently was named Best Cultural Guide by Outside magazine. In addition to his many trips to the roof of the world, he's explored the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and mountains and cultures of all kinds.

2014 Outside Travel Awards 2013 Conde Nast Travel Specialist Award

It has been said that Vassi is a mountain polymath and the one guy you'd pick to sip tea and swap tales in the mess tent with on a brilliantly cold alpine evening. He has been traveling in Asia for more than 30 years and has been leading treks since 1986.

In addition to classic and unique Nepal treks, his portfolio includes some of the most challenging expeditions in Asia: Dolpo‑Shey Gompa in western Nepal, the Snow Lake and Baltoro Glacier treks in Pakistan, Trans-Himalaya in India, and the Kangshung trek in Tibet

He has made several personal pilgrimages to Myanmar (Burma) and has fallen madly in love with the place and people. (You can view photographic evidence of this love affair on Vassi's website.) Vassi holds a pilot’s license and his special interests include history, photography, oceanography, and aeronautics.

“Vassi is famed for his engaging personality, his mountaineering skills, his geographical, cultural, and historical knowledge, his sense of humor, and his ability to talk his group out of any difficulty with soldiers and border offi­cials.” 
- Don George, editor of Wanderlust

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