A Tribute to Turkey

A journey back in time and across two continents

  • Best of Turkey in 2 weeks, staying in comfortable, atmospheric accommodations
  • Some of the world's best bazaars: sample rosewater Turkish delights & browse countless overflowing stalls
  • Cappadocia: Otherworldly tufa landscapes and Byzantine frescoes
  • Guides, hosts, potters, weavers, waiters…meet the famously charming Turks
Turkey with GeoEx
Trip Type: Sample Itinerary
Trip Length: 13 days
Activity type(s): Cultural Tour
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In all the world we can think of very few places whose people are so wonderful to meet and whose roster of places to gaze at is so long and rich as Turkey’s. This smartly designed trip is our tribute to the fun we’ve had over three decades of traveling there.

We begin with a close look at Istanbul—including the marvelous Aya Sofya—then hopscotch from Europe to Asia across the Dardanelles to explore ancient Troy and the ruins of Assos, perched high on an Aegean hillside. We wander in magnificently preserved Ephesus, once the Roman Empire’s second-largest city. After flying to Turkey’s capital, Ankara, we embark for a couple of days in the wonderland of Cappadocia. The fairy landscapes here are the result of seas of volcanic ash, which turned to soft stone; this “tufa” later eroded into deep valleys, needle-like towers, and irregular cones, into which vast rooms have been carved. (The Byzantine frescoes of Cappadocia’s famed cave churches are among the world’s most moving expressions of early Christian art.) Finally, we head back to Istanbul to continue our dalliance with this great city before heading home.

Turrkey vacation tour map

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive in Istanbul
  • Day 2: Constantinople highlights, ferry to Kadiköy
  • Day 3: Istanbul: The Imperial City
  • Day 4: drive to Edirne, ferry across the Dardanelles to Çanakkale
  • Day 5: explore Troy and Assos, continue to Mount Ida
  • Day 6: Pergamon, Bergama market, Izmir
  • Day 7: Ephesus, cooking class for lunch
  • Day 8: fly to Ankara, explore Ankara
  • Day 9: drive to Cappadocia via Agzirkarahan caravanserai
  • Day 10: Cappadocia, Whirling Dervish performance
  • Day 11: fly to Istanbul, private river cruise on Bosphorus
  • Day 12: Istanbul: the Age of Sinan (mosques and bazaars)
  • Days 13: depart Istanbul.