Kangshung Face of Everest Trek

  • Embark on a world-class trek to Everest's most stunning and secluded face
  • Revel in solitude while exploring an unbelievable mountain paradise
  • Multiple days hiking and camping among some of earth's highest peaks
Tibet with GeoEx

Trekking Expertise: GeoEx fell in love with trekking more than 30 years ago and today we’re still focused on providing excellent, unusual treks with a careful eye on safety and comfort. With us handling the extremely complicated logistics, you're able to concentrate on the experience.

Supporting Nepal: Though life in much of Nepal has returned to normal since the 2015 earthquake, there are still recovery efforts under way. If you’d like to contribute, we recommend these ways to donate


2016 Dates
  • 09/25/16 - 10/16/16  – Guaranteed*; led by legendary trip leader Vassi Koutsaftis


From $10,250 (Scheduled)


*Departures labeled as guaranteed will not be cancelled due to low enrollment; you can sign up and be confident that your plans will not change.