Peru Extensions

Journeys beyond the Incan heartland

  • Round out your visit to Machu Picchu—or combine extensions to create a new trip
  • Ride the (five-star) rails across the Andes, from Cusco to Lake Titicaca
  • Venture into mystery: Explore the Nazca Lines or the Northern Coast
Peru extensions trip map
Peru with GeoEx

Hard-pressed are we to find a first-time Peru-goer who isn’t headed for the Incan heartland of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu—and for good reason. But there’s a lot else to this beguiling country, so we’ve crafted a menu of additional excursions for your consideration designed to easily accompany our scheduled trips or be a stand-alone adventure. From the solitude of Lake Titicaca to the volcanoes surrounding the “White City” of Arequipa, the biological riot of the Amazon to the mystifying Nazca Lines, Peru prides itself on more than just its famed Andean citadel.

The Galápagos & Mainland Ecuador

Our South America savants can also make it easy for you to tie in trips to the Enchanted Islands, home to a boatload of bewitching critters, and other Ecuadorian gems. Browse what's possible >

Custom Treks in Peru

Hike ancient stone pathways created by the Incas centuries ago, enjoying nights of deluxe camping or spent in spectacularly sited lodges. Opt for 3 or more days on the trail. Learn more >

Arequipa & the Colca Canyon

Savor the mix of colonial charm and Andean culture in Arequipa, then hike and hot spring amid one of earth’s deepest canyons—a great place to spot soaring condors.

Peruvian Amazon Cruises

Travel deep into the rain forest aboard a luxurious floating hotel, reaching gems only accessible by boat. Explore the jungle by foot and dugout canoe, and experience local village life.

Lake Titicaca

Negotiate by kayak, canoe, sailboat, bike, and foot with expert guides around this vast, sky-high lake’s jaw-dropping scenery and indigenous communities—some of which are in Bolivia.

Nazca Lines & the Mysterious Southern Coast

Not your ordinary sand and surf vacation: Fly over the famously puzzling desert geoglyphs, then set sail for a marine sanctuary rich with sea life.

Northern Kingdoms of Peru

Learn about the predecessors to the Incas—and perhaps meet a few archaeologists hard at work—in a journey along Peru’s scenic northern coast.

Reserva Amazonica Lodge

Take advantage of Peru’s rain forest secret: an award-winning eco-lodge for nature walks, canopy tours, and canoe trips, with quick and easy access to streamline your visit.

Trip Type: Extension
Trip Length: 3–7 Days
Activity types: Cultural Tour, Day Hiking, Kayaking, Sailing, River Cruising, Biking
Notes: Please call 888-570-7108 for pricing on our Peru extension options.