Pakistan's Hunza Valley

Where three empires meet

  • A phenomenally interesting, little-visited destination, with Silk Road history, Karakoram peaks, and lively bazaars
  • Venture far off the beaten path with expert guides, getting to know locals and their pacific way of life
  • Stay in historic forts turned into charming hotels
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Journey to Pakistan's Hunza Valley with GeoEx
Trip Type: Scheduled Departure
Trip Length: 19 Days
Activity type(s): Cultural Tour
Trip Extensions: Call 888-570-7108 for custom extension options

Rare is the traveler who knows the allure of Pakistan, a deeply fascinating, pacific country with tremendous Silk Road history and sensational natural beauty—particularly in the Hunza Valley. We’ve crafted this one-of-a-kind expedition to reveal its multitudinous charms, exploring Pakistan’s northeastern corner along with the westernmost edge of China. From the desert to the snowy Pamirs, we delve into hidden corners of the old kingdom of Hunza (called “the epitome of mountain grandeur” by Eric Shipton), meet amiable locals, and drink in galactic Karakoram peaks.

Alighting in Kashgar, we’re immersed in the wonderfully tumultuous Sunday bazaar, our first taste of the region’s captivating markets. Continuing along the deservedly world-famous Karakoram Highway, we cross from China into Pakistan, and make our way to Karimabad, described by Sir Claremont Skrine as bearing “villages imbedded in foliage, neat terraced fields overhung by glaciers and icy needle-peaks, orchards perched on dizzy cliff-tops, and romantic castles built on crags.” Onward to Shigar’s cultural monuments, Khaplu’s wooden mosques, and Gilgit’s centuries-old Buddhist  manuscripts. Along the way are scenic rambles, intriguing stops, four-wheel-drive explorations, and visits to ancient forts. We take in carpet making, polo, and dancing, and sip tea on a rooftop with sublime views of majestic peaks, including 25,500-foot Rakaposhi and the 19,600-foot rock-spiring Bublimotin (also known as Lady Finger).

Please note: We are closely monitoring security issues in Pakistan. You can rest assured that we weigh risks carefully; your safety is our top priority. Learn more about our safety net.

Pakistan with GeoEx

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive in Kashgar, China
  • Day 2: Kashgar with Sunday bazaar
  • Day 3: Karakoram Highway, Upal
  • Day 4: Khunjerab Pass to Gulmit
  • Day 5: Attabad Lake by boat, drive to Karimabad
  • Day 6: carpet workshop, Baltit Fort
  • Day 7: to Nagir Valley, Hopper Glacier village
  • Day 8: Karimabad tour, drive to Duiker
  • Day 9: Duiker walk, drive to Gilgit, explore
  • Day 10: on to Shigar via Deosai Plateau
  • Day 11: Shigar Fort, drive to Khaplu
  • Day 12: Khaplu sights, polo match
  • Day 13: drive to Skardu and Shigar
  • Day 14: Shigar monuments
  • Day 15: back to Gilgit
  • Day 16: on to Hunza and Sost with en-route explorations
  • Day 17: drive to Tashkorgan
  • Day 18: return to Kashgar
  • Day 19: depart for home.