An Invitation from Edward Norton

Fellow Travelers,

I think we all know how hard it is to experience “travel” in the deep sense of the word much about tourism has denuded it of anything that stays with us or even leaves us with the feeling that we left home in a meaningful way.

If I had to distill the essence of what I've valued about traveling with GeoEx over the years, it's that they seek to help people access those deeper experiences as much, if not more, than they help you physically get off to a faraway place. Their instincts for finding truly special places and people that can unlock the feeling of inner journey—what we're really seeking, after all—is unparalleled in my experience.

GeoEx guided me to such an adventure nearly 13 years ago and it's a trip that never ended...that has actually altered the balance of my priorities and activity ever since. For years I've been inviting friends to come along on this continuing adventure and every time I've wished we could invite even more. So when GeoEx offered the chance to do just that, I jumped at it.

The Maasai Wilderness "conservation safari" that we've put together is our effort to fuse the romance of the classic African safari we all dream of; an authentic, personal encounter with people of a remarkable traditional culture; and the substance and sophistication of a graduate school class on modern conservation challenges...something altogether different and more satisfying than the typical tourist experience.

The Warriors, Wildlife & Conservation safari is specifically conceived to reengage with what travel can do for us on a spiritual and emotional level. You’ll be immersed in conversations, encounters with people and firsthand exposure to real-world issues and challenges—all in one of the most incredible living classrooms on the planet, Kenya’s Chyulu Hills, better known as Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Far from a passive experience of looking at animals (and other tourist vans) from a vehicle in a national park, this trip will take you to the vast, pristine wilderness of the Maasai tribal lands. You’ll be hosted by the Kuku Maasai community in their own gorgeous eco-lodge and guided on an extraordinary tour of the landscape, wildlife, and community by the staff of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust; they will illuminate the diverse Maasai lands for you on ecological and social levels as well as reveal it as a case study for some of the great challenges of our era.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world and this is one of the very few places I’ve never tired of returning to again and again. It is endlessly awe-inspiring and intellectually provocative. I could write about it all day about why this trip is so special and on how many levels making it impacted my own life, but I’ll leave off by simply saying, “You’re invited.”

We’ve provided a wealth of information that I’ve curated for you to read about this experience and my good friend Kate Doty at Geographic Expeditions has produced a brilliant itinerary in which you can rely on every element for quality and safety.

I hope you make the journey and look forward to hearing from you.


Edward Norton