Pioneering Persia

Budapest to Tehran Aboard the Golden Eagle Danube Express

  • Be part of history: Travel aboard the first ever European private train to be permitted into Iran
  • Persia's architectural and historical treasures in Iran and Turkey, plus fascinating sites in Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria
  • Glorious and wild landscapes from the Danube to the Bosporus, from Cappadocia to Lake Van
Explore the Jewels of Persia with GeoEx

This epic journey can be taken in either direction. The westbound trip starts with 6 days of exploring Iran's magnificent architectural and cultural treasures before traveling through eastern Turkey to Istanbul, and then through Bulgaria and Romania to Hungary. The eastbound journey starts in Hungary and follows the same route in reverse, ending with 5 days in Iran.

Please call to learn more about this journey, the GeoEx difference in Iran, and obtaining your Iran visa.


2015 Dates
  • 03/31/15 - 04/14/15
  • 04/13/15 - 04/27/15
  • 09/17/15 - 10/01/15
  • 10/06/15 - 10/20/15
  • 10/29/15 - 11/12/15
  • 11/16/15 - 11/30/15
  • 11/29/15 - 12/13/15


From $13,595 (Scheduled)


Pricing is inclusive: Once you've started the tip, just about everything is included—even gratuities.