Belize & Tikal

From rain forested mountains to Caribbean coast

  • Two distinct Central American countries, each with their own history and offerings
  • Navigate through underground waterways one day, explore ancient ruins the next
  • Visit with the descendants of shipwreck survivors and embark on a moonlight safari
Explore the beaches of Belize with GeoEx
Trip Type: Sample Itinerary
Trip Length: 7 Days
Activity type(s): Cultural Tour, Day Hiking, Biking, Water and Beach
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Within the space of 100 square miles we discover two distinct countries and traverse a medley of geographical zones, some fluid and others firm. On this journey through the tropics we’ll travel along Belize’s remote southern coast, navigate limestone caves in an underground river system and stand steady from a towering perch that rises from the rainforest floor. Along the way we witness two ancient cultures—one thriving in Belize’s secret south while the other, silent for over 10 centuries, can only whisper its history to us through empty temples, fragile ruins and vacant plazas.

We begin our journey in Belize and before long descend into a series of underground waterways, carefully ducking beneath luminous crystal formations that appear to drip from the limestone ceiling above. Soon, we’re back on terra firma and travelling west to Tikal, an ancient metropolis that not long ago was concealed entirely from view by Guatemala’s dense tropical rain forest. Here we explore the vast ruins, monuments, temples and tombs of a city-state that at its height in the Classic Period was home to at least 60,000 Mayans.

Descending from the tree canopy of the forest and leaving the mysteries of Tikal behind we steer south to Belize’s last frontier, the seldom visited south where the Garifuna people thrive. Modern-day descendants of shipwreck survivors in the 18th century, the Garifuna have settled in this quiet corner of Belize and today enliven the air with their song, dance and dialect. Here we relax at the luxurious Belcampo Resort, a private retreat balanced on the hills above the Caribbean coast. Swimming, boating and a moonlit safari for a rare glimpse at the nocturnal fauna of jaguar, tapir and coati will fill your journey’s final days.

Belize Tikal travel map

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive Belize City; drive to Barton Creek for canoeing through limestone caves
  • Day 2:  visit Mountain Pine Ridge National Park and the Mayan site of Caracol
  • Day 3:  cross into Guatemala for a visit to Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Day 4: fly by private charter to southern Belize and check into the luxurious Belcampo Resort
  • Days 5 & 6: bike, snorkel, boat, hike and go caving through Belize’s final jungle frontier
  • Day 7: fly to Belize City for international flights home.