Argentina & Chile Extensions

  • The colonial masterpieces of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
  • Explore estancia life near Buenos Aires
  • Peninsula Valdez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Atlantic coast
  • The incredible mountain scenery of the Lakes District
Chile & Argentina Extension map
Argentina Chile

Buenos Aires is, by universal acclaim, one of the world’s most engaging and entertaining cities. Though it is a destination entire, Buenos Aires is also a well situated neighbor to some of our favorite extension destinations. Northeast of Buenos Aires, Uruguay appears a time-wrapped enclave with a pureness of people and place that makes a journey here, its own destination. Northward from Buenos Aires, encounter Iguassu Falls and explore Nature’s Magnum Opus from the Argentinian south and the Brazilian north. Plunge south from Buenos Aires to the Peninsula Valdez where a vast and whirling array of wind and sea wildlife await your attention. To the far southwest from Buenos Aires, journey to the serene Lake District where you float on, gaze upon, and play within the rippling water’s ebb and flow.

Just across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires is Colonia del Sacramento. This World Heritage Site is home to a wealth of Portuguese and Spanish colonial buildings. Just outside the city, explore gaucho culture by continuing through the countryside.

Iguassu Falls
A natural masterpiece on the Brazil-Argentina border, these falls are made up of 275 cataracts fueled by more than 30 rivers. Witness them from both sides in just two days.

Peninsula Valdez
Explore the wildlife-thronged shores of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, a sparsely inhabited bit of natural magnificence just south of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic coast.

Lakes District
Relax in style amid some of the planet’s finest scenery—searingly cobalt lakes, blindingly white glaciers, piercingly emerald forests, and a town that looks as if it were transplanted straight out of the Alps.

Trip Type: Extension
Trip Length: Daily Departures, 1–6 Days of Touring
Activity types: Cultural Tour, Day Hiking