Why Trek with GeoEx

The Expertise You Need, The Safety You Trust

“There’s nothing like trekking to make you know yourself better, realize what’s important in life, or become acquainted with the feeling of complete freedom,” explains our ace trek leader and award-winning trip specialist, Vassi Koutsaftis. That’s largely why we fell in love with trekking more than 30 years ago and why we worked so hard to gain access for our first treks. Today, we’re still focused on providing excellent, unusual treks with a careful eye on safety and comfort. With us handling the extremely complicated logistics, you’re able to concentrate on the experience.

Securing the Right Trip Leaders, Staff & Equipment

Trekking, especially at high elevation in seriously remote places, is wonderfully thrilling and tremendously rewarding—and carries inherent risk. That’s why GeoEx insists on meticulously planning and preparing our treks, far more than most outfitters. We carefully select safe routes, well-trained staff, top-notch gear, and experienced trip leaders who know how to manage a large staff and are able to make smart calls on the trail.

Additionally, GeoEx has constructed one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry, one that includes nearly round-the-clock emergency assistance. After joining a GeoEx trek and being cleared by your doctor (another important step for safe trekking), you’ll embark with the support of our state-of-the-art safety net. At no extra cost, you have medical expense insurance and access to emergency medical evacuation and medical advisory services.

Masters of Complex Logistics

Have you ever negotiated moving oxygen canisters across the Nepal-China border? Or had to coordinate getting supplies through jungly valleys and 15,000-foot passes in the Andes? When you plan your trek in that distant land, you want to work with an expert who knows the ins and outs of the place, understands how the complex moving parts fit together, and can deal with the local red tape on the fly. This is what we do.

Our longstanding in-country connections enable us to find excellent local guides; wrangle high-quality tents, sleeping bags, and safety equipment; know the best routes; and negotiate the curveballs that regularly come the way of trekkers in these destinations.

Simply getting to and from a far-flung trek can be uniquely challenging. Our in-house air team is at your service to line up those odd flights that most people don’t know exist or find alternatives if that airline doesn’t arrive.

Combine Your Trek with More Exploration—or Relaxation

If you’ve gone this far, there’s likely to be more you’ll want to see. Imagine coming off the trail just in time to catch a ceremony at a Tibetan temple, or following quinoa and trout at camp with fine dining at a Lima hot spot. Or if you’d like to combine day hiking and cultural exploration, we have options. We’ll line it up for you seamlessly.