Trip Activities & Travel Interests

Adventure travel as you like it.

Day Hiking Journeys

At GeoEx we're fond of exploring the world on foot, taking our time to soak in landscapes and cultures. Join us as we hike Bhutan's valleys, Peru's mountains, and remarkable points between.

GeoEx Family Adventures

There's nothing like exploring the world as a family. These adventures, specially designed for families, feature fun interactive activities, kid-oriented meals, family-friendly pacing, and more.

GeoEx Safaris

We are passionate, knowledgeable creators of superb safaris. We'll get you close to wildlife, selecting exceptional camps, guides, activities, and flights that suit your style.

GeoEx Edge

See our most unique trips—from exhilarating treks to journeys in tough-to-navigate and verging-on-change locales—exciting adventures that are rooted in our history of firsts.

GeoEx Treks

Trekking is how GeoEx was born: on the mountainside of Tibet, then beyond Asia to treks and adventures on all continents. Come along for one of our favorite pastimes.

Multisport Trips

Fuel your thirst for active adventure on these trips with multisport outings, such as kayaking, biking, and camel riding. They're a great way to activate your senses and intimately explore.