Family Travel with GeoEx

There’s nothing like exploring exotic places as a family—sharing unusual sights, forging new trails as a team, and taking the time to relax and have fun together. That’s why GeoEx takes great care in designing trips for every kind of family group, from grandparents and grandkids to parents and teens to 20-person, multigenerational reunions. We’ve been skillfully doing it for 32 years.

The Right Activities & Experiences for Your Family

Interested in celebrating a milestone moment (say, your 50th anniversary) with your loved ones? Want to show your kids or grandkids the world? GeoEx’s travel-planning wizards make it easy. We find out who in your family is traveling—your ages, interest, and wishes—and then craft a journey that works for the whole clan, seamlessly weaving together the right balance of  engaging cultural, historical, active experiences, and plenty of fun. Our family itineraries are just a starting point; they’re all customizable.

Your Family, Your Pace, Your Comfort

Traveling in far-flung places is exciting and rewarding, but keeping your family comfortable while doing so is not always easy. That’s where we come in. We know our fascinating destinations inside and out, and are attuned to the many considerations for traveling families. We'll pinpoint the insider experiences, accommodations, meal options, and activities that suit your family best. And we’ll arrange a pace that allows you and our loved ones to connect with each other and the world around you.

Expertly Creating Your Dream Family Trip

If you’ve been imagining a special journey for your family, we’re the ones to call. Our travel pros (who happily recount their own favorite family travel moments) have spent countless hours crafting successful family trips  for our guests. And since ends-of-the-earth travel is our specialty, we’ve developed a comprehensive risk-management program, something important to every traveler, especially with a family in tow. We look forward to learning about your family and sharing with you our bevvy of recommendations for your seamless, memorable adventure.