GeoEx: Your Family Travel Experts

There’s nothing like exploring exotic places as a family—sharing unusual sights, forging new trails as a team, and taking the time to relax and have fun together. That’s why GeoEx takes great care in designing trips—cultural tours to safaris—for every kind of family group, from grandparents and grandkids to parents and teens to 20-person, multigenerational reunions. We’ve been skillfully doing it for 35 years.

Destination Knowledge & Experience

Traveling in far-flung places is exciting and rewarding, but it’s challenging and time consuming to figure out the details of a fun, enriching family trip—especially when reliable information and contacts are hard to come by, and the best experiences are often not listed. That’s where GeoEx comes in. We know our destinations inside and out, collaborate with exceptional in-country colleagues, and have decades of experience choreographing seamless family journeys. Working with GeoEx saves you time, headaches, and missteps along the winding, bumpy road of adventure travel.

Trips Tailored to Your Family

Every family and family member is unique, so our first step is getting to know you—your ages, interests, needs, abilities, and wishes. We'll talk about what you're looking for and about the many considerations for traveling families. With this information in mind, we'll handcraft a journey with the right balance of engaging cultural, historical, and active experiences, as well as lodgings, dining options, pacing, and insider moments that suit your family best. And of course, there's plenty of fun. Hear from GeoEx travelers about trip planning and highlights >

Door-to-Door Service & Safety

From our first conversation to your return home, we and our comprehensive safety net are there for you, discussing the ins and outs of your trip at any and all times, arranging complex flight routings, and stepping in if things go awry. We handle details large and small so all you need to do is soak up every moment of your family adventure.

Expertly Creating Your Dream Family Trip

If you’ve been imagining a special journey for your family, we’re the ones to call. Our travel pros (who happily recount their own favorite family travel moments) have spent countless hours crafting successful family trips  for our guests. We look forward to learning about your family and sharing with you our bevvy of recommendations for your seamless, memorable adventure.