GeoEx Family Traveler Feedback

Our travelers dispel the myth that spending time with family means staying home. Time and again, they pack up their kids, grandkids, or the whole brood and fulfill their travel dreams together, bringing home incredible connections and lasting memories.

We’ve crafted multigenerational trips for 35 years, many of which celebrate milestone occasions and family reunions. Hearing back from our guests about the bonding and learning moments they shared reaffirms our belief that with GeoEx at your side, your family can be the reason to travel. Here’s what some travelers have shared after returning from a GeoEx Family Adventure.

Seamless Family Itineraries & Service

“The trip had the perfect combination of restful luxury, kid fun, and educational adventure. It was one of the best trips our family has ever taken.” – Carol S., on her trip to Costa Rica

“One of the reasons I come back to you is that you are very honest with me and you can deal with my need to tailor a trip for my family. Travelling with kids can be challenging, and you have always accommodated my input. From start to finish, I feel secure with your organization. ” – Fiona C., on family travel with GeoEx

“This was planned as the trip of a lifetime, and it was. It greatly exceeded expectations, and we stayed in some of the best hotels and camps we have ever experienced. Extraordinary!” – Jim L., on his trip to South Africa

Traveling with Grandkids & Teens

“I wanted to take Aidan on a special trip and the Galápagos cruise was perfect,” Noni says. “With all the details taken care of and incredible naturalists to guide us, I was able to completely relax and focus on my grandson.” – Noni A. (Read more about the trip from Aidan)

“We had been to Ecuador before but seeing it through the eyes of our grandchildren was magical. It was the best . . . Everything moved flawlessly where GeoEx was involved. This is why we seek you out for all of our exotic travel. You do such a great job!” – Emily K., on her trip to the Galápagos Islands

Her favorite moment: “Having my 14-year-old daughter wake up grumpily at 5:00 a.m. to see sunrise at Machu Picchu, and then tell me, as we hiked and looked back at Machu Picchu peeking out of the mist, how awesome the experience was." – Kymberly E., on her trip to Peru

Tending to Particular Needs

“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical going in, with the itinerary and various arrangements. We had quite particular requirements given the time available, the fact that we were traveling as father-daughter, and that Ali had already traveled widely. Looking back on the trip, you nailed it on so many levels.” – John B. on his trip to India

“My list of requirements was rigid . . . This trip exceeded our expectation by leaps and bounds. I felt well taken care of from the moment I inquired about the trip through Natalie Crow at GeoEx, to the people she set up to greet us in the mainland of Ecuador and the Galápagos. Thank you for making this truly a trip of a lifetime!” – Lisa H.  (Read more about on her experience)

Learning Experiences & Fun

“Thanks so much for planning such a special trip for our family! We loved the downtime on the gulet. The sights of Istanbul were incredible. (We were on the Galata Tower when the call to prayer went off—it was amazing to hear it from every direction.) And the hikes during our time on the gulet were fun . . . Everything was great!” – Christy B. on her trip to Turkey

“I have taken 664 pictures and made new friends. I have learned that the swallow-tailed gull is nocturnal, that when you bother sea turtles, they sink down, and that iguanas shed skin.” – Galápagos guest Aidan D.  (age 8)

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