5 Things to Consider When Planning Family Travel

It’s tricky to plan a vacation that makes everyone in your family happy—you’re different people of different generations with different interests, after all. GeoEx understands the unique needs of traveling families. Our travel experts have crafted a striking variety of family-friendly tours, cruises, and safaris in some of the world’s most exotic locations that accommodate all kinds of groups. Whether you're planning a milestone celebration, reunion, or grandparent-and-grandchild getaway, our team shares these 5 things to consider.

1. Engaging Activities, from Cultural Interactions to Outdoor Fun

From spear throwing with Maasai warriors in Kenya and chocolate making in Peru to cove-hopping and bazaar visiting Turkey, we are never short on ideas. According to your interests and experience, we’ll line up cultural experiences and active endeavors that kids learn from while still having fun and that adults appreciate as well. We’re happy to build in time to play separately too, so grow-ups can enjoy things like wine tasting and chats with gallery curators.

2. The Right Accommodations & Meals for Families

Being well rested and well fed makes all the difference when you’re traveling with kids. Our experts have sussed out excellent options that tend to families, with such features as interconnecting rooms and outdoor space for youngsters to safely burn energy. And since we know your tastes probably differ from your 12-year-old child or grandchild, we’re sure you have dining options that cater to both palates. We’ll get it just right.

3. A Family-Friendly Pace

It’s hard to connect and relax together if you’re moving from place to place at a rapid-fire pace. That’s why we schedule 3-night stays in one place whenever possible and limit transit times. And we build in flexible activity options, so that you can, for example, join the youngsters on the guided rain-forest hike or opt for a quiet cultural excursion.

4. Your Schedule & Flexibility

Since finding travel dates that work for your family is challenging, we plan around your schedule. We also build in flexible activity options, so that you can, for example, join youngsters on a rain-forest hike or opt for a quiet cultural excursion.  

5. A Safety Net, Just in Case

As you dream about taking your family to one of our compelling destinations, relax knowing that you have the assurance of our state-of-the-art risk-management program (which includes nearly 24/7 emergency assistance), and our intense devotion to quality and personal service, all of which have consistently put GeoEx among the world's finest travel companies.