GeoEx Family Travel Moments

Some of the most memorable travel tales we hear come from family trips. We swap fun stories with kids like Aidan and his grandmother about their cruise in the Galápagos or with a family foursome that fished for piranha in Peru in low-key luxury and raved about fishing for piranhas.

Below are a few unforgettable travel moments that have brought our own families closer. We look forward to helping you set the stage for yours.

Kissing Giraffes in Kenya with the Kids

GeoEx Family Travel: Giraffes in Kenya

My 10- and 11-year-old boys were so enthralled by everything they saw in Kenya that they enthusiastically documented words and pictures in their journals without any prompting from me. One wrote that he had experienced his first kiss: “Her name was Daisy, she was ten feet tall and had a long purple tongue.” Daisy was one of the semi-domesticated giraffes we encountered in Nairobi, and my son enjoyably fed her by holding food pellets between his teeth. – Jean-Paul T.

Ostrich Riding with my Aunt in South Africa

GeoEx Family Travel in South Africa

While exploring the Western Cape of South Africa, my family stopped at an ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn. Little did we know we’d be offered the chance to ride one of those enormous birds. My aunt, in her 60s at the time, astonished us all by climbing aboard—in a skirt, no less. I’ll never forget watching her being carried inelegantly along, holding on for dear life and laughing hysterically. – Amanda M.

Mother & Daughter-in-Law Swimming in Vietnam

GeoEx Family Travel in Vietnam

I loved watching my mother and wife step far outside of their comfort zones in Vietnam. We were on a short cruise in Halong Bay and neither had a swimsuit. But you’re only in Halong Bay once, so they sidled up to the rail wearing their T-shirts and shorts and, with big, courageous smiles, jumped in. – Brady B.

Sibling Bonding in the Outback

GeoEx Family Travel: Kangaroos in Australia

My brother and I once spent a few weeks on a sheep ranch in southern Australia. At night we chased ’roos from the back of a truck and, when nature called, we ventured to the outside loo with a flashlight to look for poisonous snakes before sitting down. Needless to say, we also ate our life’s worth of mutton and bonded not only as brother and sister, but as only two Yanks out of their element in the Aussie outback could. – Nicole P.