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Kangshung Face of Everest Trek

  • One of the world's top treks
  • Pure & remote wilderness
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • 22 days, with 9 days of trekking
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Trek into Central Bhutan

  • Majestic, unexplored central Bhutan
  • Visit your guide’s ancestral village
  • 14-days, including 5-day trek
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Pakistan's Hunza Valley

  • Silk Road history & lively bazaars
  • Karakoram Highway scenery
  • Stay in charming forts-cum-hotels
  • 19 days, with expert guides
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Untamed Patagonia

  • Support conservation efforts
  • Hike in a new national park
  • Stunning mountains & remote valleys
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Mystical West Africa

  • Venture far off the tourist track
  • 13 days in Benin, Ghana & Togo
  • Ceremonies, voodoo & handicrafts
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Connecting with Cuba's Living History

  • A country on the doorstep of change
  • Small-group or private travel
  • Cuba through the eyes of its people
  • Unmatched cultural experiences
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Eastern Turkey

  • Venture east, far off the tourist track
  • See remnants of countless cultures
  • Cultural delights & archaeological gems
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Namibia: Red Dunes, Rhinos & Desert Riches

  • A whole new kind of wild
  • 3 unique camps & safari experiences
  • Meet semi-nomadic Himba people
  • 11 days, with professional guide
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Sri Lanka Explorer

  • A fresh, exotic & exciting destination
  • Savor beaches, jungle & colonial villas
  • A wealth of World Heritage Sites
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