The GeoEx Safety Net

Even the most careful and prepared traveler needs to ponder this crucial question: Who will be there for me if things go awry? This question especially rings true as you consider remote destinations, developing countries, or challenging treks.

Risk Management

Because GeoEx specializes in taking travelers to hard-to-reach destinations, we’ve constructed one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry. It covers logistical, security, medical, and financial risks. We carefully monitor travel conditions throughout the world and maintain nearly round-the-clock logistics, air, security, and emergency assistance. You can rest easy knowing our trips include emergency medical evacuation and medical advisory services, as well as secondary medical expense insurance for each traveler. Your journey should be about journeying, not worrying.

"[Geographic Expeditions] is an ideal choice for an out-there destination because of its risk-management program, with security and emergency assistance built into every trip.” Departures magazine, September 2016

Knowing the Lay of the Land

In addition to our wider safety net, we also stay closely attuned to the conditions on the ground. After all, GeoEx was founded on the first permits beyond the restricted areas of Tibet. We’ve regularly traversed Myanmar (Burma), Iran, Cuba and the like, because we know that no society benefits from seclusion. It’s our willingness to exchange ideas that helps us know where to go when.

It’s extremely rare to find a travel company with this kind of safety net combined with the level of destination breadth and expertise that we possess. We look forward to sharing our favorite places with you.

“You've really got a great thing going at GeoEx. You are fantastic. The support ... over the weekend was superb.” Sidney L., Atherton, CA

“I had a medical emergency while we hiked on one of the Islands. The response was amazing.” Heidrun T., Boise, ID

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