Climb to the roof of the world

It’s a rare traveler who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Tibet. For centuries it was the “furthest goal of travel,” and it remains one of the most beguiling places on earth. We pioneered travel to Tibet some 30 years ago, and our deep affection for the vast sceneries and engaging people of the great plateau remains intense. We'd love to introduce you deeply, carefully to its impossibly high peaks and its cultural treasures. Perhaps you too will have the sense, as you experience monks beating drums, blowing horns, and chanting harmoniously with the backdrop of the Himalaya, that there are forces greater than man in play around us.

Monasteries & Mountains of Central Tibet

  • Insider's look at Lhasa & Kathmandu
  • See beautiful, sacred Lake Namtso
  • Get off the beaten path with 4-day trek
  • 13 days with legendary GeoEx leader
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Himalayan Kingdoms

  • Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan in 15 days
  • Dramatic Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Breathtaking, peak-view flights
  • Potala Palace & Kathmandu Valley
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The Silk Road by Train

  • Limited-time special offer
  • Epic Moscow-Beijing journey
  • Explore Bukhara, Khiva & Samarkand
  • Opt for 23 day Moscow-Lhasa journey
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