Follow the Nile to Pyramids & a Nubian Legacy

In Sudan, sprawling deserts of golden sand hold soaring pyramids, fallen temples, and hidden tombs of a great civilization whose significance we are only beginning to grasp. Fed by the Nile River, ancient Nubia thrived, producing a pharaonic kingship and also the oldest Nilo-Saharan language on record. More pyramids exist in Sudan, the third largest country in Africa and the Arab world, than in Egypt. Today we are delighted to share with our travelers the incredible testimonies in its conflict-free north, including the Royal Necropolis of Meroe, as well as the enthusiastic hospitality of our Sudanese friends.

Ancient Riches of Sudan's Nubian Desert

  • Explore dazzling pyramids & ruins
  • Discover history of Black Pharaohs
  • Experience Nubian villages & hospitality
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