Sri Lanka

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Horace Walpole, his ears tingling with tales of a heavenly island, conjured up “a very expressive word” to describe its wonders: Serendip. The island nation of Serendip—once Ceylon and now Sri Lanka—is inarguably one of the most intensely beautiful, fascinating places on earth. After years of ethnic conflict, it once more extends its traditionally large-hearted welcome.

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The voluptuous landscapes of Sri Lanka range from tranquil seasides to winding climbs into fragrant tea country, an area which inspired Theo Cruz to imagine that he had "discovered a new color, or rather at last found the true, previously hinted-at green." As determined fans of the Sri Lankan isle—easy to combine with India adventures but definitely not its younger sibling—we're astonished that more travelers don't reach its shores to taste its coconut-hued delicacies, try yoga along the beach, explore its UNESCO World Heritage Site temples, and relax in its meditative island serenity. If you're ready to do so, give us a call. We'll gladly construct a journey for you shaped around your individual preferences and passions.

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  • A fresh, exotic & exciting destination
  • Tea country, temples & beaches
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