Silk Road

Watch a living history lesson unfold

The Silk Road was unquestionably humankind’s mightiest river of commerce, ideas, and culture. The main Road branched off near Dunhuang, splitting north, where it skirted the Turfan Depression and the ultra-fierce Taklamakan Desert via the oases at the foot of the Tien Shan, the Mountains of Heaven. The southern route was in its turn watered by the oases of the Kun Lun, perhaps the least known of the world’s great ranges. The two branches reunited at Kashgar but then threaded west into Persia and on to Europe, north into what is now Russia, and south into the Indian subcontinent, and each branch branched and braided, linking the boyars of old Rus with the mandarins of the Middle Kingdom and the sages of India with the emperors of Rome. Slowly, mysteriously, epically.

Silk Road with GeoEx

Humankind’s greatest thoroughfare of commerce, religion, and ideas, the Silk Road ranged through vast and incredibly varied landscapes and cultures. We’ve been roaming the Road for decades now, exploring its major and minor branches, from the heart of China to its far west, south into the subcontinent, west into the Middle East, and north into Central Asia. We’ve sent travelers on epic trips from Beijing to Moscow. We’ve concentrated on archaeological treasure-trove towns like Dunhuang and Turfan. We've arranged private camping trips in the gorgeous Kharkara Valley, treks in the Fan Mountains of Tajikistan, and horseback rides in Kyrgyzastan. We delight in the Silk Road’s wealth of possibilities, and we relish in expertly and imaginatively choreographing journeys here.