Compelling cultures in majestic mountains

“The mind,” Hendrick Smith wrote in his 1976 tome on Soviet Russia, “is little equipped to comprehend a nation that encompasses 11 time zones.” Roughly four decades later, the Russians have lopped off a couple of times zones, leaving a mere 9, and while we still can’t quite comprehend it, we do very much appreciate it. We design journeys that roam across all those time zones, from the imperial wonders of St. Petersburg to Siberia’s stunningly beautiful Barguzin Valley.

Arctic Explorer in Search of the Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights with astronomer
  • Charming villages & markets
  • Visits to Vladimir & Suzdal
  • 12 days with St. Petersburg
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Mongolia & Siberia

  • Ulan Ude, awash in Buryat culture
  • The Gobi Desert & Lake Baikal
  • Rigorous remote touring
  • 14 days
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The Silk Road By Luxury Train

  • Epic Moscow-Beijing journey
  • Peel back millennia of history
  • Explore Bukhara, Khiva & Merv
  • Free airfare on 13-day trip
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Trans-Siberian & Trans-Mongolian Express

  • A rail journey most only dream of
  • 9–15 days touring by luxury train
  • Fascinating culture, epic landscapes
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Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland

  • Departs February & March
  • 15 days, including ice festival
  • Traverse Russia in winter
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