Papua New Guinea

See “where the earth dances, the mountains speak and the doors of spirit open”

As J.P. McAuley’s words suggest, Papua New Guinea is the kind of place that shocks even experienced travelers with its exuberant greenery, its huge landscapes only barely affected by humans. The people of this mysterious land, representing hundreds of ethnic groups and speaking more than 800 languages, surprise many outsiders with their astutely interactive open spirit. 

Papua New Guinea with GeoEx

Enjoy the unique combination of dramatic, untethered nature and particularly welcoming folks that make journeys to PNG so magnificently memorable. While our sample itinerary below shows just one option for a GeoEx journey, we can also create one-of-a-kind adventures to Papua New Guinea based on your individual sense of wanderlust. These artisan trips are the best use of our travel expertise and our access to an extensive, vetted on-the-ground network.

Sample Itinerary

Papua New Guinea: A Journey Back In Time

  • Orchids, waterfalls & Picassoan birds
  • Meet the traditional & colorful Huli
  • Diving, snorkeling & beach time in Tufi
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