Behold dramatic mountains and an alluring cultural mosaic

There’s hardly a traveler who doesn’t want to go to Nepal to see the world’s highest and most impressive mountains, who doesn’t want to meet its famously big-hearted people, and who isn’t lured by the country’s vibrant, madly chromatic culture.

Nepal with GeoEx

We are deeply saddened by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Thankfully, all of the GeoEx travelers who were there at the time are safely out of the country, and our associates and friends from whom we’ve heard so far are also safe. GeoEx is continuing to support relief efforts, and for anyone wishing to contribute, we recommend these three ways to donate >

The situation in Nepal is evolving every day and we continue to hear positive updates about travel. This is good news, since tourism accounts for a meaningful portion of the country's economy and is key to its recovery. At this point, we are anticipating that most of our upcoming trips will run. To find out more information, please give us a call at 888-570-7108.