Celebrate the diversity

Malaysia elegantly brings dozens of different travel themes together in one compact destination. Its spectrum ranges from wildlife sanctuaries that rival the African safari to a modern metropolis that contrasts tallest towers and oldest mosques. And that doesn't even start to describe its UNESCO Heritage Sites. We’ve uncovered the top eco-lodges, from which we venture out in hopes of spotting Malaysia’s butterflies, hornbills, orangutans, proboscis monkeys, walking catfish, and even clouded leopards. We follow rivers and jungly paths into the mangroves, rain forests, mountains, karst formations, and cave systems, reveling in one of the planet's biodiversity hot spots.

Rivers & Jungles of Borneo

  • Guaranteed departure
  • Expert-led hikes & river outings
  • Lush, green & botanically rich
  • Spot remarkable, varied wildlife
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