From open desert skies to open sails

At Geographic Expeditions, we journey through the stunning spectrum of Jordanian marvels. In epic Wadi Rum, we camp in Bedouin goat hair tents pitched under infinite desert skies, and take our meals roasted over desert sand (the wadi is still very much as Lawrence of Arabia encountered it: "vast, echoing and God-like." We roam the wondrous Greek and Roman ruins at Pella and Jerash. We snorkel and sail in the Gulf of Aqaba. And we luxuriate at the Dead Sea, pampered with soothing mudpacks and spa treatments or, if that seems too energetic, we simply float.

Explore Jordan with GeoEx

The great city of Petra, of course, is a marvel carved from living stone, but Jordan offers much more to the curious traveler. We arrange desert camps in the epic Wadi Rum, with real Bedouin tents of goat hair, meals roasted over desert sand, and horse- and camelback (or jeep) safaris into the limitless wilderness. Or snorkeling and sailing sojourns in Aqaba, floats in the Dead Sea, and beautifully guided strolls in the wondrous Roman ruins at Pella and Jerash. And what adventure is not complete without sea-salt mud baths at a Dead Sea resort?

Sample Itinerary

Jordan: Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans

  • Amman, built atop Roman ruins
  • Follow the King’s Highway to Madaba
  • Wadi Mujib, “Grand Canyon of the Middle East”
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