Artfully embracing ancient culture and fast-paced modernity

A beautiful, intricately designed puzzle, Japan is a country that has refined just about every aspect of life into an art form. Smitten (or, as the Japanese say, otaku, merrily obsessed) with Japan, we are especially captivated by the Japanese talent for integrating its proud ancient culture with its equally proud embrace of the modern. We take loving pride in our journeys to this amazing enigma, where insider's knowledge and attention to detail pay off so rewardingly.

Japan with GeoEx

Japan brings us the fascinating extremes of modernity and tradition. From the immense heritage of Kyoto's 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 38 National Treasures to the island of Shikoku's hospitality and quiet beauty, the country's expressions of centuries-old customs inspire awe. You can explore them on your Custom Trip in Japan, starting perhaps in Tokyo's famed fish markets or with a soba noodle-making lesson. You may hike along well-worn pilgrimage paths, visit artisans who make traditional paper, soak in mountain-tucked hot springs, and traverse boutiques of the most expressive fashion centers. Whatever your whim, GeoEx has the local expertise, and Japan provides endless opportunity to captivate our wanderlust.

Sample Itineraries

Essential Japan

  • Visit charming Takayama
  • Glimpse Mt. Fuji from atop a crater
  • Amble along Kyoto's Philosopher's Path
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