Marvel at masterful mosaics, majestic minarets, and mountains

Iran is celebrated for its cultural riches. Its mosques and mausoleums are famous for their glorious ornateness, and the magnificent ruins of ancient cities, particularly Persepolis, are more reminders of Iran's cultural brilliance. GeoEx has been taking travelers to Iran since 1993, introducing its wonders, from the pinnacles of Islamic architecture in splendid Esfahan to the pulsing Grand Bazaar of Tabriz. We trek in the serene Alborz Mountains and visit with gracious nomads in the southwest.

In response to the January 27, 2017, executive order on immigration, Iran has announced that, in reciprocity, it will stop issuing visas to American guests for the same 90-day period as the American immigration ban. Currently, our Group Trips this fall and in 2018 are not affected by this visa ban. And, of course, we're able and happy to arrange Custom Trips for non-US passport holders, who are not affected by the executive order. Please contact GeoEx for the latest information on travel to Iran.

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