Marvel at masterful mosaics, majestic minarets, and mountains

Iran is celebrated for its cultural riches. Its mosques and mausoleums are famous for their glorious ornateness, and the magnificent ruins of ancient cities, particularly Persepolis, are more reminders of Iran's cultural brilliance. GeoEx has been at the forefront of Iran tourism since 1993, introducing its wonders, from the pinnacles of Islamic architecture in splendid Esfahan to the pulsing Grand Bazaar of Tabriz. We trek in the serene Alborz Mountains and visit with gracious nomads in the southwest.

Iran with GeoEx

Many of our travelers opt for private trips in Iran. You may wish to have us create a one-of-a-kind adventure for you based on your individual sense of wanderlust—the sample itinerary below is just a starting point, as are our ideas about visiting the classic cities. Or you may wish to turn one of our scheduled, small-group trips into your own private departure to enjoy with your chosen friends or loved ones. Either way, you’ll enjoy extraordinary experiences and tried-and-true guides, accommodations, and services in this captivating country, as well as the backing of GeoEx’s comprehensive safety net. Keep in mind that we can also arrange stopovers in exciting destinations like Istanbul, Doha, and Dubai before or after your Iran journey.

Sample Itineraries

Essential Iran

  • Exquisite Islamic architecture
  • Persian antiquities in Tehran
  • Browse bazaars & carpet shops
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