Explore its thousands of blissful islands

To embrace the Indonesian archipelago is to soak up terraced rice paddies, lush tea plantations, rugged volcanoes, turquoise bays, stunning reefs, and deserted beaches. It's to explore Javanese arts, such as batik making, gamelan playing, and shadow puppetry, and meet the folks who carry on the traditions. It's to delve into the interplay of Hinduism and Buddhism, getting to know their temples and practices. It's spending time with its welcoming people in bustling cities and remote villages. We look forward to taking you in.

Secrets of the Archipelage Aboard the Silolona with GeoEx

Our award-winning island sojourns in this dramatic tropic are like no other. You can meander by sailboat or yacht through the thousands of intriguing volcanic isles, stopping to indulge in white-sand beaches, invigorating hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and even scuba diving. If you like the idea of getting into the Borobudur Temple before it opens, we'll arrange special access at sunrise. There are meetings with artists, dance demonstrations, music classes, and gallery expositions to enjoy, not to mention opportunities to unwind with yoga and massage. You may explore (and shop for) batiks and other Javanese crafts, potentially finding just the right piece of eden to bring home. Our experts, just back from recent scouting in Indonesia, are ready to share their newly discovered favorites.

Sample Itineraries

Indonesia: Secrets of the Archipelago

  • Outside Travel Award: Best Splurge
  • Sensational Indonesia island-hopping
  • Explore by day, sail by night
  • Delve into rare cultures & biosystems
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Edens of Indonesia

  • Cruise by private boat charter
  • Hindu-Buddhist monuments & temples
  • Komodo dragons & macaque monkeys
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