Delve into the subcontinent’s heart and soul

Experiencing India is like looking through a kaleidoscope of wonderful people and wondrous places. From the Himalaya’s dramatic peaks to the broad swaths of tropical beach, the subcontinent can be a stupendously rewarding place to travel—or a staggeringly overwhelming one. Our knowledge of the region and contacts there span many decades and reach into every corner of this vast country, ensuring that every trip we plan there is both deeply enriching and blissfully hassle-free.

Explore India with GeoEx

For all its cacophony of sights, smells and, experiences, no place rewards the judicious planner more than India. The logistics of exploring the subcontinent are as complicated as its millennia-long history. That’s where our team of India experts comes in. Skilled at constructing customized journeys of tremendous variety—tailored to each individual’s interests and tastes—they are poised to talk with you about a sojourn to any and every Indian place.

Maybe you’d like to see one of the marvelous festivals of Rajasthan or the Himalayan majesty of Ladakh. Perhaps the remote jungles and tribal homelands of Arunachal Pradesh are more to your liking or the flamboyant temples of the south. (And if none of these names rings a bell, not to worry; we’ll get to know your traveling style and put together the ideal itinerary.) From wildlife preserves to the Taj, from trekking in the mountains to lounging on the Arabian Sea, and from the most dazzling festivals to the quietest, remote villages, we’ve got India covered.

Sample Itineraries

India Family Discovery

  • Treasure hunts & kite building
  • Overnight in a 350-year-old fort
  • The best of the north in 11 days
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Village to Village in Ladakh

  • Walks to little-visited villages
  • Overnight in comfy guesthouses
  • See a unique Himalayan culture
  • 11 days in India’s “Little Tibet”
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Village to Village in Sikkim

  • Crossroads of diverse ethnicities
  • Sleep at a colonial tea estate
  • Breathtaking, verdant landscapes
  • A 13-day Himalayan hiking trip
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Inner India

  • Fresco-covered caves in Ajanta
  • Mumbai’s exhilarating chaos
  • Spot tigers in Kanha National Park
  • 14 days exploring Madhya Pradesh
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From Taj to Tiger

  • Celebrate a colorful local festival
  • Sunrise at the Taj Mahal
  • Safari from luxurious, tented hotel
  • 16 days, authentic North India life
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